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Nicolas Waldo is a Multi-instrumentist (Piano, Drums, Bass) and he is Guitarist, Composer and Educator. He composes for his personal project "Nicolas Waldo" and other side projects. Nicolas graduated from the "El Bosque University" as a professional musician and sound engineer in 2005.

His compositions incorporate a diverse amount of musical elements, which include; improvised solos, odd meters, polyrhythms, classical harmony, classical counterpoint, jazz harmony, modern harmony, dense orchestration and outlandish song forms.

Nicolas has recorded 10 studio albums as a soloist (Instrumental Rock - Shred Guitar) and he has participated on other projects like composer and guitarrist (Vorpal Nomad; Fire Lineage, etc).

Now, he has Full Endorsment with PowerClick (Brazil); Shark Tooth Guitar picks (U.S.A.); Joyo Tech (China); Rotosound Strings (UK); E7 Straps (Colombia) and his more recently sponsorship with DEAN GUITARS. His last album MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE was signed for the Finland Label LION MUSIC, ( 


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