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Don't let the face of an angel and blonde hair fool you. Laura Wilde, the 22 year old fast-rising rock talent is armed with killer guitar riffs and a kick ass attitude to match. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Laura is determined to create a fresh interpretation of traditional rock and roll for a new, younger generation of fans. There has never been any doubt in Laura's mind that music was her calling and passion.

While still in her teens, Laura's career started to take off in Australia. She became a very much in-demand player - both on guitar and bass - and has worked with a who's who of Australian artists. She was also a TV fixture having appeared on Beat TV, working as a presenter and on Australia's Got Talent in the house band. "That was all great experience," she admits, "but I'm a songwriter and a musician and I wanted to play my own music." She went out on her own 22 show tour, continued her session work and even played a private acoustic show for the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, but Laura realized that to have the career she'd always wanted, she was going to have to take things even further. At 19, she moved to Los Angeles, and now has finally released her debut album Sold My Soul.

Now poised to break through worldwide with the release of her album and upcoming tour dates, Laura Wilde looks to the future with the same determination, commitment and focus that have driven her since she was that pesky little sister stealing possession of her big brother's toy guitar. "What I really hope to accomplish," she admits, " is to be recognized as someone who contributed something to rock and roll, and with my exciting relationship with Dean Guitars I feel even more empowered to make great things happen!"

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