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Guitarist Rusty Cooley received his first guitar on his 15th birthday and never looked back. Unsatisfied with local Instructors, Rusty began teaching himself through Doug Mark’s Metal Method and various other instructional books and video’s. During High School, Rusty took music theory classes and also attended the National Guitar Workshop.

He performed solo guitar in high school talent shows and performed such pieces as Van Halen's "Eruption" and Randy Rhoads "Revelation Mother Earth" solos. During his senior year, Rusty was offered his first teaching job at the same store, that just three years earlier, he had bought his first guitar. Some of Rusty's early influences included: Rhoads, Malmsteen, Becker, Gilbert, Holdsworth, Paganini, Bach, Vai, Gambale, Moore, MacAlpine, Taffolla, Friedman, Howe, Kotzen, Firkins, and Housholder. 

Artist Quote

Remember to live, eat, sleep and breathe music for the mind, play from your heart and never be swayed by the current trends.

Rusty Cooley