Dean Artist Dave Hlubek of Molly Hatchet and his Dean USA HardTail.

Dave Hlubek of Molly Hatchet

Dave Hlubek Biography

Date of Birth: 28 August 1951

Place of Birth: Hawaii

Influences: The Doors and Eric Clapton

Before Hatchet: Dave was born in Hawaii, and then the Hlubek family initially moved to what is now Silicone Valley, California. Dave started out playing drums before moving over to be a guitarist. His first band was called "Something Else" who he joined at the age of 14. From there, Dave moved on, and by the very early seventies, he was playing in "Mind Garden " with Tim Lindsay (later of "The Rossington Band")

Founding Hatchet: First met Steve Holland at Paula’s Music, Jacksonville which provided the inspiration behind the founding of Molly Hatchet.

Dave: "There were six of us in the band. We took a John Deere Tractor hat and everybody came up with three names apiece and put them in the hat. We did it like the lottery. We said that whatever name was pulled out of the hat, by God, was going to be the name of the band. Well, the 18th name, the only one left, was Molly Hatchet! We said, ‘What the fuck is that?’ It started out, ‘Molly Fucking Hatchet.’ Everyone was saying, ‘Whose the girl in the band?’ People of Jacksonville took it upon themselves to start making bumper stickers. We just kept the name. Who in the hell is Molly? It’s like, what’s in a name! Molly was an axe murderous. Her name was Abigail something. The history books called her Hatchet Molly. She was some passion killer."

Resume of his career with Hatchet:

Performed on Molly Hatchet (1978), Flirtin’ With Disaster (1979) (which he sites as his favourite Hatchet album) Beatin’ the Odds (1980), Take No Prisoners (1981) (his least favourite Hatchet album), No Guts No Glory (1983) The Deed is Done (1984) Double Trouble Live (1986)

Since leaving Hatchet...

Dave was replaced in Hatchet by Bobby Ingram.

In the late eighties, Dave played with for a time with the "Hlubek-Harwood Band" with ex-Rossington Collins Band guitarist (and all round good guy) Barry Lee Harwood

From there, Dave formed the Dixie Allstars with Jay Johnson, Jakson Spires and Randall Hall. The band was soon renamed the "Southern Rock Allstars" mainly because the band felt that "Dixie Allstars" sounded too much like a barber shop quartet!!

Performed with Dixie Jam Band for Danny Joe Brown

In March 2003, Dave left the SRA for health reasons, and within days was a member of Southern Rockers Reunion, with Randall Hall, Banner Thomas, Mike Estes, Tom Curiale, and Ted Patton. (although Banner left the SRR within a few weeks, Dave is still working with him).

Dave and Banner are playing dates together billed as "Flirtin' with Disaster with Dave Hlubek and Banner Thomas" backed by Big Engine. Dave is also a touring member of The Rhythmpigs

Also, Dave says: ""I cleaned out every buffet between Tifton, GA and Fort Lauderdale. Many restaurant owners have stood panicked in front of a buffet pleading with me — 'No more meat! Just vegetables!'""

Dave was married for twenty years to Karen, and has two sons Kyle David Hlubek and Aaron Armstrong Hlubek. He now lives in Fort Lauderdale, FLA

November 2004, Dave had joined up with Riff West, Jimmy Farrar, Duane Roland, Steve Holland and Bruce Crump to form the "Gator Country Band". During January 2005, Dave decided to opt out of the band and is now performing with Bobby Ingram.

As of 2005, Dave is back touring and recording with Molly Hatchet.

What else did he play on?

SRA: Danger Road – 2002

The Spirit of the Black Rose - A Tribute to Philip Parris Lynott - 2001 – with SRA

Jammin' for DJB

Crazy again – SRA

Molly Hatchet live 1978 at the Agora Ballroom

Bobby Ingram
lead, slide & acoustic guitars, vocals
With 24 years of hard work and dedication invested in Molly Hatchet, band leader Bobby Ingram has more years of service in the band than any other member - past or present.

Phil McCormack
lead vocals, harmonica
After being hand-picked by Danny Joe Brown to carry the Molly Hatchet vocal slot into the new millennium, former Roadducks singer Phil McCormack celebrated 11 years as the voice of Molly Hatchet in 2006!

Dave Hlubek
lead guitars, vocals
To the fans delight, founding Molly Hatchet member Dave Hlubek is enjoying his second go-round with the band. He hooked up with the boys again in 2005. Dave is enjoying recording and touring with Molly Hatchet again - and that deserves a big HELL YEAH!

John Galvin
keyboards, vocals
Original Molly Hatchet keyboardist John Galvin was also the keyboardist for the Danny Joe Brown Band, and after taking the first half of the nineties off to devote time for his family, he returned Molly Hatchet in 1995 and has been there ever since.

Tim Lindsey
bass, vocals
Jacksonville native Tim Lindsey is a well-respected musician in the southern rock community. Formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tim has been holding down the low-end for Molly Hatchet since 2004.

Shawn Beamer
drums, percussion
Powerhouse drummer Shawn Beamer of Daytona Beach, Florida spent time touring with Jerry Lee Lewis, Black Molly and Lazy Lester before earning the drummer slot for Molly Hatchet in November 2001.

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