Listen to these killer Samples from "Loss for Words" :
Dog Robot
Double Star
King Lerxst
Mr Negativity
Unearthly Ambition


Strutter'zine. Review by Gabor Kleinbloesem.
" Multi-instrumentalist JEFFREY RYAN SMOOTS has a new CD out titled 'Loss for Words'. The album is filled with high class instrumental Progressive Melodic Rock with a Prog Metal touch here and there. It all sounds very impressive and the fact that Jeffrey did everything on his own is making this CD even more interesting. Songs like "Unearthly Ambition", "King Lerxst" and "Zeta Principle" are great instrumental Progressive Melodic rockers. Every guitar-freak should check out this awesome CD.
(Points: 8.0 out of 10)"

Dutch Progressive Rock Page, September, 2003. Review by Mark Hughes:
"Loss For Words is the fifth album from American multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Ryan Smoots (or JRS for short!). Following on from the 2001 Despair To Peace, a classical album dealing with the death of a loved one, Loss For Words, is a collection of 12 hard-edged, melodic, progressive rock songs with the emphasis placed firmly on the guitar. Citing such six string luminaries as Alex Lifeson, Ty Tabor and Yngwie Malmsteen as major influences and being a fan of progressive bands such as Dream Theater and King's X, it is not surprising that the album features a lot of heavy, and one might add, accomplished guitar playing.

But, it is not all-out fretwork histrionics, the writing is strong, has a high degree of melody and features some interesting twists and turns that keeps the attention. JRS handles all the instrumentation on the album - bass, keyboards, even live drums (although there are some programmed drums in places). However, it is the guitar that takes prominence. From the hard rock, multi-tracked onslaught on Mr Negativity, to the proto-grunge of Zeta Principle to the harmonised melodies on King Lerxst, this album has the lot for any discerning fan of the electric guitar. What is more, it is highly original material to boot. Sure, the influences are apparent in places, but just as you think that a track is settling down into, for instance, a southern rock groove, it veers off at an expected tangent.

Although there are variations in tempo, personally I would have preferred a few more laid back numbers to counteract some of the more 'in your face' tracks. Ambergris (which, trivia fans, is actually the discarded linings of sperm whale intestines used in the manufacture of perfume) is the closest that you'll get to a ballad. With a keyboard/guitar intro that is reminiscent of Michael Schenker-era UFO it has a hook line that will sit in your brain for days. But mostly the solo guitar (which has a definite touch of the Al Di Meola's about it) is left to soar over chunky riffs that some metal bands wouldn't be ashamed of.

Overall, the album was quite a refreshing change. It was good to hear a purely instrumental album that focused on short pieces. Although my periods of listening to heavy music are getting further apart and 'progressive metal' leaves me all but cold, JRS has come up with something that little bit different that I am sure to want to revisit at regular intervals in the years to come.
Conclusion: 7 out of 10"

Guitar Mania, October, 2003. Review by Mike Sandomirsky:
"Every once and a while something very exciting happens in the world of Instrumental Guitar - an artist, usually a virtual unknown, creates something so fresh and vibrant that it sets a new direction for the masses to try and follow. To say that JRS - "Loss For Words" is that evolutionary link would be in my opinion an understatement. Loss For Words is by far one of the best releases to hit the underground music scene in a long, long time. Full of progressive elements and influences that span generations of recorded music. One can hear the intricate melodies of bands like Dream Theater or Threshold throughout all the compositions. Melodic sensibilities are showcased on all 12 tracks with an intertwining of sheer musical virtuosity and unique vision.

Loss For Words is an intense, melodic mix of progressive heaven. Mr. Smoots is an extremely accomplished all around musician. Handling all instrumentation on the CD with the guitar taking the forefront. Smoots melds all all of his insanely complex orchestrations together like a tight woven fabric to produce intelligent, complex music that is never pretentious. Never one to waste musical space, JRS knows how to construct an epic progressive composition that clocks in at less than five minutes. From the get-go Loss For Words offers up some very technical, yet always melodic, well thought out compositions that strive to have something coherent to say. Every note of every composition is placed in exactly the right place, no excessive guitar wanking here, just perfectly constructed songs that take the listener to a unique destination combining influences from prog, metal, neo-classical, fusion and shred. All tracks feature exceptional musicianship delivered with passion and sensitivity. For all you tone connoisseurs, the entire CD is chock full of superbly crafted guitar tones in a nicely produced very good sounding package.

Highlights of the CD include:

"King Lerxst" - harmonized melodies, great guitar runs. A beautiful progressive smorg of guitar point, counterpoint.

"Double Star" - an introspective tune with loads of feel. A great keyboard/guitar intro sets this song up for some superb melodic soloing over a heavy groove.

"Skyward" - a fusion/Prog masterpiece. A showcase of Smoots all around musical talent. Tight delivery, absolutely huge harmonization's, shred soloing - what more could a guitar lover want!!

Loss For Words far exceeds expectation, bordering on brilliant. Anyone who is a fan of quality progressive music will find this release irresistible."

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Jeffrey Ryan Smoots
Jeffrey Ryan Smoots (JRS) is a multi-instrumentalist/composer living in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State, USA. Jeff plays guitar for the progressive rock band Inner Resonance. Jeff's major guitar influences include Alex Lifeson, Eric Johnson, Phil Keaggy, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Paul Gilbert. Jeff is a fan of progressive rock music, particularly bands like Rush, Kings X, Dream Theater and Fates Warning.

Jeff has been playing guitar for over sixteen years. In that time he's independently released four albums, and paid his live 'dues' playing the Seattle club circuit. He has been spotlighted in Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine. He's written guest columns for Guitar 9 Records and His MIDI-based compositions appear on many websites throughout the Internet. Jeff maintains an active presence on the Internet, hosting his own website (, his band's website (, and artist pages on MP3 ( He's had a number one MP3.COM instrumental hit with his song "Intro", and has seen several of his other songs reach the top 10 in their respective genres. In addition, Jeff maintains several MP3.COM 'Radio' Stations devoted to progressive music, which as a unique bonus feature not only music, but also one-on-one interviews with the other prominent artists.

Jeff is endorsed by Dean Guitar Musical Instruments, proudly playing the Dean EVO Special 7. About Dean Guitars, Jeff says, "I'm blown away by the quality, tone, and playability of these instruments. My EVO is literally a joy to play. I think the overall craftsmanship that goes in to each Dean instrument is a mark of the company's commitment to quality, innovation, and value, And to top it all off, the Dean line is priced so competitively, anyone considering a new instrument owes it to themselves to try a Dean." Jeff is also endorsed by Sonic Implants (makers of Sonic Implant sound samples). Jeff runs his own project studio (Sci-Fi Studio), and recently authored Sonic Implant's "Rock Webpack" product, a set of guitar-based sounds for use on websites and multimedia projects.


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