Meeting the demands of Rockers for almost three decades, Dean Guitars was the first guitar company to offer an electric “Baby” guitar made especially for the hands of young players! Designed by Dean Guitars Founder, Dean B. Zelinsky, the Baby Z, ML and V guitars have a full 24 ¾ inch scale; the same size used on most professional guitars. Since the first Dean Baby hit the market in 1984, these ‘Babies’ have been spotted in the hands of musical greats such Nancy Wilson from ‘Heart,’ Nils Lofgren of ‘Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band,’ in various Artists’ videos and on the cover of Sammy Hagar’s ‘VOA’ album.

Today the Baby Z, V and ML are more popular than ever. Just ask Dean’s latest young Artist Endorsee, 12 year old Kristy Rose of Illinois from the band ‘Twisting Roses.’ “I love it!” says Kristy, the natural born rocker and it is rare to find Kristy performing without her Dean Baby Z. Opening for Artists like ‘Grand Funk Railroad,’ Vince Neil and many others, Kristy’s Dean Baby Z gives her a prestigious look and sound that only Baby Dean owners can claim.

The comfortable fit and the fullness of sound of these precision instruments cannot be compared to any other guitar on the market! The quality, affordability and color selections of the Baby Z, V and ML place these ‘Babies’ in high demand with young artists worldwide.

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“I can say with confidence that Dean is currently making the finest instruments of its 27 Year history.” Dean B. Zelinsky

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