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Rusty Cooley News

Check out these photos from the 2009 / 2008 NAMM Shows of Rusty:

NEW VIDEOS! Featuring Rusty Cooley at Winter NAMM 2009
"Under the Influence"

Rusty Cooley “Year End” Review

2008 has been Great Year!......Here are some of the highlights:

January started off with a bang with a performance at the Muriel Anderson “All Star Guitar Night” at the Anaheim Hilton. The performance was broadcast live via the internet in over 200 countries.  Here’s a link to a video performance of the show: and here’s a link to some photo’s from the show:

In the February issue of Total Guitar magazine, Rusty was listed as one of the 20 Most Blazing Shredders Ever! Check it out at

Here’s a link to a very cool interview in  the March issue of Premier Guitar

Rusty was also in the March issue of Guitar World magazine with another “Betcha can’t Play This” column here’s a video link: You could also see this clip on I-Control (Cable on demand)  if your Cable company supports that.

NEW! Rusty Cooley on Mark Tremonti's instructional DVD

One of the most exciting things of the year was the release of the Dean Rusty Cooley 7 string signature model guitar, the “RC7”!  It’s out and selling great! Dean is also running full page advertisements with Rusty and the killer axe. For more info on the RC7 go to: and/or

Speaking of releases, Rusty joined forces with Rock House Method and just released 2 new killer instructional DVD’s  “Fret-board Autopsy 1 and 2”. You can buy these dvds at Guitar Center and Musicians Friend.  Here are the links:; and to check out a couple of video samples:

Rusty’s debut instrumental cd released by Lion Music was re-mixed/mastered and re-released with a bonus dvd, new artwork, and tabs for “Under The Influence”.  You can check out some samples from the remix at: or

In the “Speed King’s” issue of Guitar World magazine, Rusty was given an honorable mention and was also listed in the top 4 of the fastest alternate pickers!

Rusty gave a performance/clinic at the MIS 2008 Summer Guitar Workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can check out some video here: ;;;;;;

Rusty also gave a few guest appearances this year. A guest lesson on Mark Tremonti’s    (Alter Bridge/Creed) instructional dvd, “The Sound and The Story”,  which is available at You can also watch a clip here:

Rusty recorded two guitar solos on the new All Shall Perish cd “Awaken the Dreamers”,  Nuclear Blast Records. The song title is “From So Far Away”.  ASP’s guitarist, Chris Storey is a long time fan and student of Rusty’s.

Rusty recorded two solos on the song “Verbal Skillz” for the new Sean Baker Orchestra cd. The cd will be released on Lion Music

Rusty helped in the testing of the new Jason Becker Distortion pedal, released by Protone Pedals  Here’s a couple of video clips of Rusty testing the pedals:;

You can also check out a killer 4 note per string lesson Rusty did from Premier Guitar:

Also, there is a full page interview in the December issue Guitar Player magazine in Brazil.

To finish off the year on a high note, Rusty collaborated on a song with keyboard virtuoso Derek Sherinian. The song “Frozen by Fire” will be on Derek’s new solo album, “Molecular Heinosity”.  other musicians on the cd include: Virgil Donati, Zakk Wylde, Brett Garsed, Brian Tichy and Taka Minamino.

As you can see it’s been a pretty busy year with lots of great things to reflect upon. Let’s look forward to a great 2009!

Updated! Rusty plays two solos on a short instrumental titled "From So Far Away" from the new All Shall Perish cd "Awaken The Dreamers" on Nuclear Blast records. His solos are from 50 to 125 and then 141 to 225. Click Here to Listen

Here’s what All Shall Perish drummer Matt Kuykendall had to say about the track Rusty played on in an interview at

"From So Far Away"

This song is a dream come true for our guitarist Chris Storey. He wanted to have his mentor Rusty Cooley do a guest-solo on the record and it just ended up being its own track because his solos were so mind-blowing. Chris had the main riff for a while and it just didn't fit in any other song because it was so doomy. I really liked using it for this track because it's one of those riffs that can be played over and over in the background while Rusty goes nuts over it! This is a true example of how much voice a guitar can have.

The official Rusty Cooley website and MySpace page have been updated, please have a look:

NEW VIDEOS! Fretboard Autopsy Featuring Rusty Cooley
6 Tone Extended Minus 7th
Double String 5 Sequence

Rusty Cooley is arguably one of the world’s most famous shredders in 2008 thanks to his classic debut album and band works in Outworld. Being a frequent columnist in numerous guitar magazines worldwide and a perpetual fans favorite on thousands of guitar websites and forums online; with one listen to Rusty’s self-titled solo album its easy to hear why. Now Lion Music offer up Rusty’s debut solo album with a remixed and re-mastered sound, bonus tracks, new artwork and the added extra of a bonus DVD featuring a guitar lesson from Rusty, a promo video for the track “Under The Influence” as well as tablature to allow fans to the chance to master Rusty’s technique.

This bonus packed re-release is a must own for fans of old and is the ideal starting point for music fans that wish to get a taste of the Rusty Cooley experience.

Check this link for more details

Check out a new lesson on 4 note per string licks with Rusty in Premier Guitar magazine: Click for Details

There’s been lots of exciting things going on for starters Rusty will be making a guest appearance on long time friend and guitarist Mark Tremonti’s (Alter Bridge/ Creed) new instructional dvd. There’s a 20 minute plus lesson where Rusty gets to show off some of his favorite licks. So far the release date is set for this summer you can find out more info at and

’s RC7’s to record the entire cd. Chris is a Dean endorser and will be playing RC7’s exclusively. For more info on the exact release date check out

In the Speed Kings issue of Guitar World magazine July 2008 Rusty got an honorable mention in the 50 fastest guitarists of all time article also in the same issue Rusty was clocked at 16 notes per second for his alternate picking by guitar enthusiast Willie Jordan.

Rusty will be filming his instructional DVD in Connecticut with Rock House at the end of the month titled “Fretboard Autopsy”

Guitar Wheel also ran the advertisement again this month in Guitar World with Rusty. Guitar Wheel will also be releasing a music theory book that will feature a lesson with Rusty. For more info check out

Rusty will also be doing a clinic/performance on June 28th at the MIS 2008 Summer Guitar Workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you have Comcast cable you can see Rusty’s Guitar World magazine video lesson “Betcha Can’t Play This” right on your TV now how cool is that!

The long awaited Rusty Cooley signature series 7 string Dean Guitar will be hitting stores this summer!

Also the remix and mastered version with bonus DVD of Rusty’s debut cd will be out this summer too on Lion Music

Rusty Cooley Signs with Rock House

Thursday, March 20, 2008

(West Haven, CT., March 21, 2008) – Rock House, the leader in music instruction is announcing that guitar virtuoso Rusty Cooley, one of the most popular and technically proficient players performing around the world today has joined Rock House’s roster of cutting edge instructors! Rusty will appear in Fretboard Autopsy which will focus on helping players visualize the fretboard in a whole new way. There are also plans for other projects that will be announced soon. Fretboard Autopsy will be a multi-level program designed for intermediate and advanced players. Production starts later this summer. No release date has been set as of press time.

“Rusty Cooley is certainly at the fore front of pushing the boundaries of modern guitar playing and we are very excited that he will be bringing his talents and teaching ability to Rock House.”, Said Joe Palombo, Executive Director of Rock House. Rusty was recently featured in Premier Guitar Magazine, Guitar World’s Bet Cant’ Play this and was named one of the top 20 Most Blazin’ Shredders of all time by Total Guitar Magazine and he has his own signature guitar, the RC7G 7 string produced by Dean Guitars. Rusty is not only an amazing player he is an accomplished instructor as well. He has several instructional products to his credit including his Shred Guitar Manifesto which has been sited as having an influence on none other than John Petrucci. [ more ]

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Rusty Cooley featured as one of the 20 Most Blazing Shredders Ever column in the Feb 08 issue of Total Guitar.

Rusty featured in Premier Guitar Magazine CLICK FOR DETAILS

Rusty will be playing at NAMM at the Muriel Anderson All Star Guitar Night.

Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night is a benefit concert for the Music for Life Alliance, a charity which Muriel founded to help put instruments in the hands of disadvantaged kids. These concerts celebrate guitar by putting some of the world’s top players on the same stage, on the same night to help support the cause.

The concert will start at 7:30 on Saturday night, in the Hilton Ballroom D (right next to the convention center), and will run until 11pm.

Here are some of the artists performing Muriel Anderson, David Grissom, Laurence Juber, Gary Hoey, Pete Anderson, Thom Bresh, Stu Hamm, Rusty Cooley, Andreas Oberg, John Stowell, Maria Butterly, Trace Bundy, Bruce Arnold, Steve Adelson, Nick Sterling and Danny Gottlieb. There will likely be one or two more additions as we get closer to the date.

Outworld performed at summer NAMM and Guitar Player magazine along with True Fire was there and video taped a couple of the songs.
War Cry  

 Outworld wins 10,000 in Fame Cast competition in the Metal category

Outworld is in the studio working on a 4 song demo for there next cd check out some of the webisodes and enjoy the fun
Day 1 Drums

Day Two Rhythm Guitars
Day Three Vocals

More coming soon!

Rusty’s debut instrumental cd is being re-mixed and mastered at Diamond Studio in Houston TX, along with some bonus dvd material. Expect this re-release in 2008 on Lion Music.

Look for another Betcha Can’t Play this lick from Rusty in an upcoming Guitar World magazine issue.

Mark Tremonti thanks Rusty in the credits of the new Alter Bridge cd.

 Rusty was recently interviewed in the Houston Chronicle and also at

War Cry has been getting some airplay at The Drop Zone 105.3 KTWL FM in Houston.  

ere’s been lots of exciting things going on for starters Rusty will be making a guest appearance on long time friend and guitarist Mark Tremonti’s (Alter Bridge/ Creed) new instructional dvd. There’s a 20 minute plus lesson where Rusty gets to show off some of his favorite licks. So far the release date is set for this summer you can find out more info at and

Rusty Cooley Bio

"War Cry" by Outworld - Click on controller to play this video
Guitarist Rusty Cooley received his first guitar on his 15th birthday and never looked back. Unsatisfied with local Instructors, Rusty began teaching himself through Doug Mark’s Metal Method and various other instructional books and video’s.  During High School, Rusty took music theory classes and also attended the National Guitar Workshop.   He performed solo guitar in high school talent shows and performed such pieces as Van Halen’s “Eruption” and Randy Rhoads “Revelation Mother Earth” solos.  During his senior year, Rusty was offered his first teaching job at the same store, that just three years earlier, he had bought his first guitar.

Some of Rusty’s early influences included:  Rhoads, Malmsteen, Becker, Gilbert, Holdsworth, Paganini, Bach, Vai, Gambale, Moore, MacAlpine, Taffolla, Friedman, Howe, Kotzen, Firkins, and Housholder. He was also influenced by many styles including: Jazz, Classical, Funk, Blues and even Country, if you can believe that. There where times when Rusty was pulled in so many different directions by music, he didn’t know if he wanted to be a Classical Conductor or a Jazz guitarist.

After graduating High School, Rusty continued studying Music Theory at the local college, as well as Music History and Class Piano.  In 1989, Rusty joined the local rock band Revolution. Revolution wrote, performed and recorded all original music. They became one of Houston’s top drawing bands.  Revolution opened for national acts like Badlands, Nitro, Every Mothers Nightmare, and South Gang.  In 1992, Revolution released a four-song EP.  Revolution’s music was once described as Skid Row meets Yngwie Malmsteen.  Revolution made two appearances on a local TV show called “Metallurgy” and “Metallurgy Unplugged”.  Rusty also taught guitar on a college TV show called “Stay Tuned”.  In 1993, Rusty quit the band due to musical differences and started a new band Dominion.  Dominion wrote and performed locally as well but was short lived and broke up in 1995.  Also, during 1995 Rusty entered and won the “Guitar Master Series” winning the title of “Best Guitarist” in Houston.

1996 marked the beginning of a new direction. Rusty bought his first 7-string guitar and decided it was time to go for it on his own. Rusty went back to the woodshed and started working on his guitar playing intensely pushing himself to new levels. Along with this came a whole new list of influences that fueled the fire….Shawn Lane, Derek Taylor, Buckethead, Todd Duane, Scott Stine and Haji’s Kitchen. It was during this period that Rusty began to work on instrumental guitar compositions. These songs represented his desire to record an over-the-top guitar instrumental release featuring state of the art chops and strong melodic content. Rusty was also selected as a runner up in the AIM "Jason Becker Scholarship Search." Rusty hosted three episodes of a local cable show called "World Class Guitar Techniques," which aired in the Houston area. Rusty taught for the National Guitar Summer Workshop in 96, 97, 98 at the Austin and Connecticut Campuses.

In October 1997, the band Outworld was formed to record and perform instrumental music. In March 1998, Rusty was invited to join Shrapnel recording artists Haji's Kitchen, but had to decline due to relocation problems.

In 2000, Rusty released an instructional cd rom “Shred Guitar Manifesto” and gained endorsements with Jackson Guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups. Rusty also started doing guitar clinics as well. Rusty’s presence on the Internet was growing and his music started getting great reviews, which followed with interviews and instructional columns. His music was featured on several compellation cd’s as well. Outworld performed at the internationally acclaimed “Bang Your Head Festival” in Houston, and was featured on Robb’s Metal works a San Antonio, Texas Heavy Metal TV show. In August 2001, Rusty left Outworld and Houston to move to Alpharetta Georgia. After a short time in Georgia, two more instructional cd roms “Extreme Pentatonics” and “The Art of Picking” where released. Soon after, Rusty was asked to headline Jemfest in Orlando, Florida in 2002. Additional endorsements followed: EMG pickups, VHT Amps and Digital Music Co. In late 2002 the instrumental CD was finished and Rusty began looking for a record label. He also had a custom 8 string guitar hand made by Bill Conklin of Conklin guitars.

In 2003 some exciting events occurred and soon Rusty signed with Lion Music and the debut CD was released in January.  In April, Rusty was given the honor of the “7th Fastest Shredder of all Time” in Guitar One Magazine. In May, Rusty moved back to Texas. Not wanting to be known for shred skills alone, he and Bobby Williamson reformed Outworld as a vocal band. While undergoing a number of personnel changes, Outworld recorded its self-titled debut CD which was released in late 2006 to both critical and artist acclaim. With the success of Outworld’s debut CD, and increasing notoriety in guitar circles, Rusty garnered a significant number of endorsements with Dean Guitars, EMG pickups, Diamond Amplification, Morley, Intellitouch, Rocktron, Maxon, GHS strings, VHT, Conklin, and Eventide. And 2007 saw the development and release of his Dean Signature Guitar, the RC7 Xenocide. Rusty has also been featured in Guitar Player, Guitar One, Guitar World, Guitar Techniques magazines, Axe and written his own column for Guitar Player magazine titled “Metal Guru”. With a stable and impressive band lineup, Rusty is currently writing and recording Outworld’s second CD which promises to capitalize on the strengths of the debut CD and demolish all expectations.  In August 2007 Outworld won 10,000 in a Famecast contest similar to American Idol where viewers watched and voted for the favorite artist. 

“Remember to live, eat, sleep and breathe music for the mind, play from your heart and never be swayed by the current trends.”  -Rusty Cooley-


  • OutWorld self titled debut cd “Outworld” 2006 Replica Records
  • “Rusty Cooley” Self titled debut release Lion Music January 2003
  • “Book of Reflections”, Lion Music April 23, 2004
  • “Shawn Lane Remembered Vol.” May 28, 2004. Lion Music
  • “Warmth in the Wilderness 2” A Tribute to Jason Becker. Lion Music
  • “Prog Power 4” A showcase sample
  • “Prog Power 3” A showcase sample
  • “The Alchemist” Liquid Note Records
  • “Fresh Blood Vol. 4” Progressive Arts Records
  • Guitar 2001 Magazine Presents “Lick This”
  • Guitarapalooza Vol. l.
  • Ballbuster magazine “Ball One Strike One”
  • Generation Ibanez “Across the Miles”
  • Revolution, self titled 4-song EP
  • ProgPower 6 Showcase Sample 2005
  • Rogosonic “Leave The World Alone” 2006

Instructional products (DVD, VHS and CD ROMS):

  • Shred Guitar Manifesto
  • Extreme Pentatonics
  • The Art of Picking
  • Basic Training
  • Rusty Cooley performance/clinic
  • Rusty Cooley Performance/Clinic 2

Television appearances:

  • Stay Tuned
  • Metallurgy Live
  • Metallurgy Unplugged
  • World Class Guitar Techniques
  • Robb’s Metal Works


Rusty Cooley - War Cry Solo

Rusty Cooley doing a Seminar in Chattanooga, TN (Part 1)

View Part 2
| View Part 3 | View Part 4
| View Part 5 | View Part 6

"Under the Influence"

Check out these Videos of Rusty and Outworld

New Videos! Rusty featured on Guitar Player TV.
Click above to check it out...

NEW! Check out this Video of Rusty and his Dean 7 String

Rusty and his Dean LIVE with Outworld

Video Credits: Luigi @

Check out these photos of Rusty and his Dean with Outworld


Photos Courtesy of Mark Lewno

Rusty and his Dean Set 2

Rusty and his Dean with Outworld

Rusty Cooley Signature 7 String

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