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Mark and his Vintage Dean!

Hey guys,

This is my 1982 dean. I was joking around with my older brother and made him put it on. I snapped this pic. The next day he went to sturgis and had a very bad wreck. He is still in a coma. I'll toss a pic in of me on his Harley he was on in the wreck. He took this pic of me and then I took the pic of him.

Dean forever.

Mark "Roadblock" Rinard

Robert and his Vintage Dean!

Here is a unique Dean story. Back in '84 I was a rock'n'roll bum with bus fare and money for a few meals. I was trying to make my way as a bass guitar player for a band in Toronto having moved from a small town an hour west. In downtown Toronto there was an insurance liquidator that carried all sorts of items from socks, art supplies, clocks, and whatever was either smoke damaged or sold off as a result of bankruptcy.

One day, January 24, 1984, to be exact, I walked in looking for a bargain and noticed that they had several scorched violins and guitars. Hanging in one room were 3 violins, two off-brand Tele's , and a Dean Z. I looked at the Dean and knew that there was a quality instrument. It was damaged. The head stock was half gone. Two tuning machines missing. There were a few spots on the body where the paint had bubbled. The neck binding was also slightly bubbled. But overall, here was a rock machine. I enquired about the price and whether the case was included. It was!! The price tag $25 Canadian dollars. That was just about all that I had. I sanded away the burned and bubbled bits and modified the headstock to make it useful (I know, collector value!) adding two used tuners from a guitar pro-shop. It has been a treasure and brings back memories since that day.

Maybe one day I will have it restored to the original headstock but for now, it is what it is.

My Z is probably item 1599 (Z Cherry Burst) on...

Terry and his Vintage Deans!

Hello Dean Guitars,

Saw an old post of yours on the Dean Discussion page. This is a pic of my two Dean guitars. the Z has a killer V neck and is serial # 78 00651 I've had it since around '83. The V has a big fat round neck and is serial # 79 01281 I got the V last week at a local music store. Looks like its been under the bed pretty much since '79. Out the door for $350 - the owner did not know what he had. I love the big headstocks!




Jeff and his Vintage Deans!


From Left to Right:

78 PatPend EliteFlm - Klusons, Fat Neck, great growl 81 Elite Dlx - Smokin Elite, binding everywhere

82 Elite Mpl top - Has fine tuners on the bridge, sharp V neck, block inlays

81 White V STD - well used, light body, small headstock for an 81 (strange)

81 V TB STD - Bought from guitar player/singer for LA Band "Supercool"... their other guitarist played for Fastergirl thingycat in the day.... so this one's seen it's days as a glam-metal axe.

81 Cherry ML FLM - Rock work-horse.

83 Z CB STD (Binding everywhere, matching headstock) heavy as hell!

02 CB Z

82 CB Z STD - Sharp v-neck

81 Silver Z STD - My 1st dean... this one got me hooked.

81 CB Z STD (binding headstock)



~ Tone


Randall and his Vintage Deans!

The lowdown on his White V -

Chrome hardware
5 ply headstock binding black white b/w/b/w/b
7 Ply body binding b/w/b/w/b/w/b
White Headstock with black Dean logo
Mother of Pearl (not abalone) BLOCK inlays

Randall Markarian


Bill Bluesman and his Vintage Deans!


Bluesman here,people been asking me to get a page done so here it goes. I've been playing for near 41 years now. I played in several of bands during the70's. I did some session guitar work in the early 1980's in the famed Muscle Shoals Recording Studio. I'm an Artist member of the New England Blues Society, having joined in 2003. I want to thank James Montgomery for offering me a gig with him, this past Juneand the chance to jam with you and Johnny Winter. To Sam Bluzman Taylor and Mighty Sam McClain,James Montgomery,Johnny Winter, you guys inspire me.

My collection of DEAN Guitars revolves around the E'Lite and Cadillac body style guitars. I have a 2002 USA DEAN Time Capsule Cadillac with a AAAAA maple flame top done in Transparent Black. This Cadillac is the 1st one produced in this color, and not only is it visually stunning, it is fantastic to play. Thank you Dean Guitars for offering me this guitar.


Brave Dave and his Vintage Deans!

In 2000, Dave purchased his first Dean guitar from Ed Roman guitars. Three years and 27 guitars later, Dave has managed to assemble one of the most impressive collection of vintage Dean guitars around. Dave is the president of the Dean Owners of America.

Joe Jackson and his Vintage Deans!

Here are my totally bitchin pics.

1978 ML Standard, 2002 '79 ML-F #1 proto, 1981 ML Standard, 1993 USA ML Dime proto 1/5, 2001 '79 ML proto 1/1, 1981 ML "Flame", 1981 ML standard w/Floyd Rose.

Bill Armitage and his Vintage Deans!

While I've got over 38 guitars in my collection, my Dean's have always been favourites. The way they look, play and sound has always kept them in my hands. I've probably had 15 USA Deans by now and sadly sold a good number of them way back in the early 80's. My friend Wally B. was the importer into Canada and I always thought I'd have a fresh stock of new Deans coming my way. Little did I know. Sigh. I still have a framed Kodak print of "the girl in the water" ad on my wall that Dean gave me.

I regret the loss of each one. Including a Dean Cadillac which I recently replaced with a wicked Time Capsule Caddy III.

The first two Deans here were both Custom Ordered "V"s by me in '82 with extra wide, but thin front to back, V shaped necks with block inlays, and both were autographed by Dean on the headstock. I asked for a Standard in Brazilliaburst without the maple top and everyone thought I was nutz, but it came out killer. It looks much better in person too! The Brazilliaburst one is amazingly light weight and tonefull.

The next is a fantastic '80 "Z" that I got in '82 I think. The previous owner had a Kahler professionally installed. I'd kill him if I could find him, but it actually works really nicely. The V shaped neck is killer. The hardware on this guitar was originally gold, but sadly the over 20 years of serious playing had taken it's toll. I was able to find a NOS Kahler in chrome so I had the rest of the hardware changed over to chrome to match. Keeping the original V string block in brass of course.

The last is my '80 ML. Like most of my gear, it looks, plays and sounds killer and is like new. I guess I just don't walk into things like everyone else seems to. This ones neck, while a V shape, is quite large but the shape makes it effortless.
Keep On Rock'n Dean!

Bill Armitage

Keith and his Vintage Deans!

I know I don't have nearly as many as some of you guys but I do love the ones that I have. Mine is a small family but still a cherished one. :)

I got the 'Hollywood' first, which was immediately followed by the 'Z', because I've always loved that shape and you can't have just one Dean. My joy right now is the DOA Cadillac...and I'm looking forward to adding the ML next year.

Anyways, I know you've got alot more guitars than me...but I bet I got more dvd's that you!Yeah, I know...big deal...hahaha...the guitars are leaned up against my double bookcase full of


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