Aaron McCoy


Dean Guitars Image

Hey, my name is Aaron McCoy and I am with Mudface/X-Rated Porno Machine. I have proudly been endorsing Dean Guitars since 2006!! In my opinion, there's not a better guitar company out there. Dean guitars provides quality and craftsmanship that is not to be compared to anyone else!! All of their models that I use provide tonal qualities and character that I need to get the job done. Whether it is hard rock with my band XRPM, or industrial metal with my band Mudface, Dean Guitars does it all!!

Models Used:
Razorback Slime Bee
Dime-O-Flame NL
SplitTail Floyd
ATML 3000 Floyd
ATML 3000 Hardtail (pictured)
Dean Cadillac
DOA Cadillac Custom Run 2003
Dean V
ML 79 Standard w/half Pickguard
Mako Acoustic