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Throughout the decade-long history, Sinful became one of the most actively touring bands in the post- Soviet territory. As a big part of METAL SPIRIT RESURRECTION tours, Sinful covered an extensive territory from the Western Ukraine to Siberia, played at such international fests like METAL HEAD’S MISSION (Ukraine, Crimea, 2005&2010 ) and METAL CROWD (Rechitsa, Belarus) and smashed approximately 70 cities of CIS! Sinful has two studio albums and one EP: "Omut" (Musica Productions, 2005 CD), "The Second Birth" (MSR Productions, 2007 EP) and "The XIIIth Apostle"(MSR Productions, 2010 ?D).The latest opus of the band was recorded at the famous ‘Hertz’ studio in Poland (Vader, Decapitated, Hate), featuring Pawel ‘Pawel’ Jaroszewicz; a drummer of Vader and Crionics.

A new page of Sinful's history is now open thanks to MSR-8 tour that took place in February 2012. The band headlined their first European tour through eight Polish citites and towns: Bilgoraj, Zamosc, Sandomierz, Sanok, Bielsko-Biala, Poznan, Rzeszow and Przemysl. The Sinful ones formed an international line-up for this tour, featuring two members of HATE; Hexen (drums) and Mortifer (bass guitar) who made smashing rhytm section together. Beside of MSR-8 itself, one more important and long-awaited occurrence happened to Sinful; a Wroclaw-based studio Grupa 13, known for their work with Behemoth, filmed the band's first video clip, for the track "Forbidden Fruit" . In October 2012, SINFUL once again went on a European tour, this time through 15 citites of 5 countries: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.