Bill Peck

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In a time when the term guitar virtuoso is used often, few players stand out from the pack. Guitarist Bill Peck manages to do so with lightning fast guitar riffs, 8 finger tapping acrobatics, his rock band Exit the Ride, and some big name players talking him up. Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti had this to say about Bill in the October 2004 issue of Guitar One Magazine. “The cool thing about Bill is that he is a legato, tapping, and whammy bar master …” These are very strong words from the top selling modern rock guitarist in years.

Super shredder Michael Angelo Batio considered by many to be the fastest guitarist in the world, invited Peck and Tremonti to appear on his 2005 release “Hands Without Shadows”. Bill's solo on the Led Zeppelin classic “Rock N' Roll showed his extreme chops and unique sound to guitar fans around the world. One listen to Peck and you can hear a range of influences of players and styles. Guitar One Magazine asked Bill to guest appear in the September 2006 “Return of the Shred” column and showcased his mind boggling 8 finger tapping harmony techniques in both print and video. With the seal of approval of artists MAB, Rusty Cooley, Mark Tremonti, 3 Doors Down, Vinnie Moore, Trivium and plenty of others, it is no wonder he has emerged as one of the new breed of world class shredders.

The future for the guitar mastermind from Orlando, Florida appears bright with Exit the Ride recording new music later this year. Bill will also be appearing alongside MAB and Rusty Cooley on the Mark Tremonti instructional DVD due for release in the summer of 2008. Every guitarist focused on an area of their playing that was unique and his lesson focused on freeboard tapping. Bill demonstrates exercises to develop hand strength in the tapping hand and takes you all the way to 4 notes per string harmony playing!

Bill has been playing the Dean Vendetta since 2005 and has worked with Dean Guitars on modifications to the guitar.