Derek Obscura

Davey Suicide

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Derek Obscura is a musician & songwriter residing in Atlanta, GA. Derek’s introduction to performing live was a U.S. tour in 2010.

Since 2015, Derek has been the bassist for L.A. based band, Davey Suicide. When not on tour with Davey Suicide, Derek records session work and performs in a number of hometown bands.

Projects include: Davey Suicide (Bass) Dean Demonator, Dean Edge 09
The Casket Creatures: 2011 – present (Lead Guitar) Dean Deceiver X, Dean Thoroughbred X
Inviolate: 2013- present (Guitar) Dean Deceiver X, Dean Thoroughbred X
Die 985: 2016- present (Bass) Dean Edge 09
Staci Grim (TX) 2010-2011 (Lead Guitar)