Jesse Dean

Narcotic Self

Dean Guitars Image

Jesse Dean is the founder, front man, guitarist and singer/song writer of the band Narcotic Self, which boasts a hybrid style of classic Thrash coupled with a new style of Metal. The band’s music has a diverse range of uptempo aggressiveness and catchy melody set against a softer side, giving the listener a full experience. The topics of addiction, society, existence and relationships are frequent lyrical themes. Narcotic Self explores the workings of the mind set to music that delivers unexpected twists and turns leaving you wanting more and more. Although line up changes have been a part of the bands history, Dean has been a constant artist and the spearhead of Narcotic Self.

Growing up in Omaha, Neb., Dean found sanctuary in music. It was his escape from a troubled family life and traumatic childhood. Even in his younger years Dean knew music was his calling. After experiencing the loss of his mother to alcoholism, and the continuing collapse of family life, Dean was cast out into a world alone. At 18 years old, his response was to create Narcotic Self, which was a proven force from its inception.