Mike Carrigan

Darkest Hour

Dean Guitars Image

Michael "Lonestar" Carrigan, from Houston, TX loves the smell of shredding in the morning. After being recruited by thrash-metal stalwarts DARKEST HOUR, Lonestar has been around the world and then some, riffing alongside some of the heaviest bands and in front of some of the largest crowds of concert-going headbangers. Playing his preferred Dean ML and Dimebag Razor-V, he employs string-skipping arpeggios, sweep picking, and other choice licks informed by the highly touted Gothenburg style of melodic-metal that was made popular by legendary bands like AT THE GATES and IN FLAMES. DARKEST HOUR's latest triumph, THE HUMAN ROMANCE, features hit single "Savor the Kill", where Lonestar's trademark soloing comes alive on both the CD and in the official music video, debuted in early 2011 on MTV's Headbanger's Ball. Performing countless festivals and world tours, Lonestar also embodies the spirit of American heavy metal! See him live with DARKEST HOUR, promoting the HUMAN ROMANCE in 2011.