Mike Pipenbaher

7th Angel

Dean Guitars Image

Mike was born in '84 and started to play hardrock when he was 13. He was playing with several bands, but found his way in 7th Angel in '99. He has been in charge of playing rhythm and lead guitars, writting lycris and music. Since then he has been playing several shows with 7th Angel and record several songs as well with other artists. He will also release the new 7th Angel album "In Your Face" on 10. September. He has his own way of playing and unique ideas when comes to playing guitar and songwritting. He is as well working on some side projects such as his solo album and playing in a groobe metal band "One Out Of Hell" and a glam band "Toxic Heart" with his younger brother Rider.  He gave his heart to Dean guitars when he first saw them and he still claims that they are unique and your only option when it comes to choosing guitars. Keep the Dean in your hands! 

After quite some time it's finally here. New 7th Angel's album "In Your Face" was officially released on 7. September. Those hardrockin' guys give you 10 new songs full of their way of life, backed up with new video for "Born To Rock" they give you what they're best at; having fun while playing great music!"

"Those guys are just a day older than 20 years but they play like they were on the scene for the last 20 years" - FHM

"Mike's guitar riffs are full of great and interesting ideas and his solos are excellent" - PARANOID