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Fathomless laments and chimerycal conjurations of sounds generate a destructive ambient through forgotten Alchemy, devouring and transmuting the perception of the Occult: A proper definition of the Mortuorial Eclipse” Mortuorial Eclipse was founded in 2007, by Nefass (Guitar) , Darker Mysteria (Vocals) and Doom (Drums). After several shows in the local scene, the first demo of the band is recorded in 2009 (Unreleased). In 2010 Baal Herith get into the band on the Orchestrations and Thav joined for the live shows at guitar.

The first International tour was performed in 2011 in Brazil, sharing stage with bands like Dark Funeral , Krisiun among others the same year Kobal became drummer of the band. As the band returned , at the beginning of 2012 , they finished recording of their first official album 'The Aethyrs' Call' in Córdoba, Argentina at Anger Vision and Vermin Studios.