Scott McClellan

Cemetery Gatez

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Scott McClellan has been a key player in many successful bands and writing projects including: Cemeterygatez America's Number One Pantera Tribute Band, along with Devil Land, Army of Souls, Brotherhood of Spine, Brain Chiggers, Outlind, His solo project Dreamography, and more. Scott has also had the honor of working with front man Tony Martin Formerly of Black Sabbath on his solo Album which is an up and coming release.

Scott has co written music with several legendary musicians including: Tony Martin of Black Sabbath, David Shankle of Manowar, Devil Land & DSG, Shawn Jaxx of Skin Kandy, Army of Souls,Rick Henderson & Nate Arrington with Brotherhood of Spine, Paul Anthony of Brainchiggers, Systemec, David Fefolt with Angels of Babylon, London Legrand with Brides of Destruction and many more.

Scott been playing since the age of 9 and continued to define his playing in many different styles of hard rock and metal. Scott McClellan is a producer, song writer, Guitar player and Bass player.

Two new albums are now in production with:Brian Troch (Cyclone Temple) and Tony Martin (Black Sabbath)