Survivors Zero

Survivors Zero

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Sami Jämsén & Jani Luttinen

In 2006 Sami Jämsén of infamous Studio Perkele (Deathchain, Barathrum) took a break from studio work and channeled his producer's anger to found Survivors Zero. A band thats main goal is to deliver quality brutal modern death metal with a melodic edge. After long and tedious demoing sessions and song structuring for a full year the Survivors Zero style was starting to take shape musically. 

Then in 2007 a phone call to unexpecting Tommi "Rotten" Virranta (ex-Deathchain) secured him as lead singer and main lyricist. The guys hooked up instantly with exact same vision and musical direction. Having worked together many times previously the synergy was there right from the start. After this the ball started rolling. Quickly Tapio Wilska (ex-Finntroll) joined the ranks and to take on the lead guitars JV Hintikka (Machine Men) enrolled. Drumming battery duties were taken by Reima Kellokoski (Impaled Nazarene). 

2008 the guys rushed into Jive Studio in Helsinki to record drum tracks with Jukka Varmo. Few weeks later in Studio Perkele all the other tracks were hammered down. Jonas Kjellgren, owner of Black Lounge Studio (The Absence, Carnal Forge) in Sweden and of Scar Symmetry fame mixed Survivors Zeros first official "demotape" codenamed "Extinction". It was unleashed with 2 killer songs (Embrace the Inferno & Fortress of Lies) and sonic supremacy delivered by Kjellgren. 

In october 2008 lead guitarist J-V Hintikka was replaced by another talented shredder Jani Luttinen also known from the ranks of The Scourger. 

Late 2008 Survivors Zero secured a recording deal with Cobra Records (with labelmates Sotajumala & Deathchain) and united again with Jonas Kjellgren for a full album. Entitled "CMXCIX" the album was be done & finished during february-march 2009. Recording begun 02.02.09 at Seawolf Studios, Finland. Mixing was then be done with Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge Studio, Sweden and mastering with Pelle Henricsson at Tonteknik Recording, Sweden. 

CMXCIX came out with a blast. "Reclaim my Heritage" single entered the Finnish charts on position 14 and the album peaked at number 28. The album gathered praising reviews and accolades worldwide. And top of this Survivors Zero made a successful tour in Finland with Sotajumala and Deathchain. In the end of the tour Reima Kellokoski gave way for a new killer drummer Seppo Tarvainen. 

Next up their sleeve is the European Tour with death-metal legends Hypocrisy in january-february 2010 and a North American Tour in april 2010 with Finntroll, Swallow the Sun and Moonsorrow. 

Expect a fucking furious mayhem from Survivors Zero for the year 2010!