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This project began in the beginning of 2002, comforming the first BLOODPARADE line-up. In October 2003 an Indie promo Demo recording is made…which includes 4 tracks + a bonus remix. The band performed several shows in Capital Federal and Buenos Aires, Argentina, also played as support band for Therion on August 26th 2004 at the Gran Rivadavia Theatre. In October 2004 they entered the digital studios "La Nave de Oseberg" to make the first album recording "Pain Exposed" supported by record label Icarus Music. With this line-up they presented renewed shows…at different spots in Buenos Aires. The band performed with National and International bands such as: Therion (2004), After Forever (2005), Paradise Lost (2005), Fear Factory (2006), Amduscia (2006), In Extremo (2006), Lacrimosa (2007). The “Take My Blood” promo tour began. In August this year BLOODPARADE participated in a tour in the North of Argentina performing live on August 28th at San Salvador de Jujuy and on August 26th in Salta. On October 2007 Brenda, singer for Bloodparade travelled to Germany, for a "Take My Blood" promo tour. In November the band officially presented Take My Blood at El Teatrito (Buenos Aires) + the EP "Take My Blood" is available. Icarus Music 2007. Currently BLOODPARADE is in the process of recording their second album at Virtual Studio with recording technicians Emiliano Obregon (Lorihen) and Juan Pablo Hernandez, to be released in May 2008 by record label Icarus Music Records.