Xuan Pablo


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Lakkra is born the spring of 2004, his members proceed of different Asturian bands. Their formation is of six members: drum, bass, 2 guitars and 2 voices.

In May of 2005 they remove a demo of eight themes (only recording up to now), by title "Algo anda mal" (Something walks badly), although in this case all the contrary thing. That it is shown in the copies and undershirts sold and in the visits of its web page since its inauguration May 30, 2005.

Its style is a mixture of sounds hardcore and metal, with small winks al punk and the hip-hop, this mixture has created a new style called "Grisu-Core". Lakkra practices in some offices of a mine abandoned in the valley of the Turón (Asturias), the rain and the gray sky, the industrial depression, the unemployment, the culture of the mine, the bar and the ungry are its signs of identity. Also the social criticism and the support to the most disadvantaged.

At present Lakkra prepares its first record work, that expects for ends of summer.