Iron Maiden and Anthrax
in the same band?

That's correct. Dan Spitz and Nicko McBrain have joined forces and are currently recording an extremely heavy album. Together they have sold more than 60 Million albums and have earned 6 Grammy Nomimations. Dan Spitz founding member of Anthrax and the Godfather of Rap meets Metal has picked up his guitar again.

What kind of guitar does someone who can play anything choose? Dean of Course. Dan told Dean Zelinsky that he wanted to play Dean ever since he played one of Dimebag's (Pantera) early MLs...

"Dean sent me some time capsule flying V's right out of stock, as I needed to commence the recording of this album with Nicko quickly. He then emailed me asking what I would like changed on the future models. Damn, this thing is Perfect!!!!! right out of the box!!!! I told him make your logo out of Pearl not Paint dude, you deserve it. That is all I need changed. Send me more Dean V's, Please <<<<<< (and one of those Dean girls too, Haa haaa)."

You will hear Dan's Dean's all over the new album and see him on tour very shortly playing them.

Welcome back Dan.

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