James Steele

James Steele is a lead singer, guitarist and songwriter from Southern California known for his phenomenal vocal range and considerable guitar prowess. He has fronted bands from Los Angeles to San Diego and is also an accomplished session vocalist. Additionally, Steele has composed music for video and film, and is known among recording professionals as the creator and administrator of UnicorNation.com-- the world's most popular online forum for users of MOTU's Digital Performer audio workstation software.

Steele's most recent project, Pale Black, performed for packed San Diego area clubs each weekend for nearly two years until Steele decided it was time to make a bold change and to step out on his own. Armed though he is with a powerful and distinctive voice, Steele is quite passionate about his guitar playing and credits his custom Dean V as both the inspiration and symbol of his new musical direction. "I decided I needed an instrument as uncompromising as the music I was creating," says Steele, "and I finally found it. Nothing I've ever played can touch my Dean."

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