Influenced by the thumping bass sounds from my father's jazz albums and the happiness of my mother as she took in the soulful beauty of Motown, my interest in bass began at the age of sixteen and quickly grew into an obsession. If it was bass-related, I wanted to learn more about it and 28 years later nothing has changed: I'm still obsessed with all thing bass and I'm still learning.

My musical influences are vast and I respect and embrace music of all cultures. I am inspired by all bass players, styles, and methods of playing without losing sight of the basic role of the bass: keeping that pocket. I'm versatile and open-minded, but laying down a solid groove is always my number one priority.

I've been fortunate enough to be asked to play in the studio and live within many genres; funk, rock, jazz, blues, R&B, reggae, Middle Eastern, and world music. I am deeply involved in my own projects, but have provided low end support from many other bassists, bands, spoken word artists and solo vocalists.

Spiritually, my most rewarding opportunity was meeting and studying with one of the world's biggest musical inspirations: Ornette Coleman. I was exposed to some of the most powerful elements of his great mind, including the musical concept that he calls Harmolodics. To this day, I still refer back to the nights he spent writing it out and explaining it to me. (THANK YOU ORNETTE, INFINITELY.)

From then on, I could not help but integrate Coleman's Harmolodic concept into my own personal band projects: Mystical Entity, The JAUQO III-X Unit, and most recently, The JAUQO III-X Reality (currently rehearsing in preparation for a journey throughout the beauty of your existence.)

My musical philosophy is similar to that of Coleman's in that I encourage each member of my band to sound like themselves, challenging them to free themselves from what has already been done and to give me individual and completely unique musical expression with their instrument.

Also, almost from the beginning, my goal has been to help the electric bass evolve and expand so as to be able to expand and demonstrate my own musical and groove expression more freely.

For example, I'm recognized for conceiving and helping to engineer the low C# string (17hz) and the electronics and equipment to render it properly, including development of a brand new instrument called the Sub-Contra bass.

Bass players, bass companies, luthiers, amplifier/cabinet makers and electronics manufacturers recognize me as an innovator. I'm honored by this and view it as an affirmation I'm on the right path.

Some of my influences and philosophies can be heard on my debut CD, The Low C# Theory . It features the Sub-Contra bass, and its main goal was to simply reinvent the way we feel groove . Another CD is currently in the works and is slated for release in late 2006. It will again feature the Sub-Contra bass with the legendary Bernard Purdie on drums.

Thank you for your time and interest. Peacefully in step with, and side by side with life,


Dean Rhapsody 12


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