Alston is the kind of band that makes you glad you love great rock & roll. From the moment their debut album, Voodoo for Fun and Profit, begins to play, you're swept up in the ever-changing vortex of sound created by vocalist/guitarist Kobie Jackson, guitarist/vocalist Ron Paige, bassist Alex Cando, and drummer Woody Wurzburg. The power, passion, infectious, and surprisingly melodic sensibilities that this New York City-based band brings forth on songs such as “Anna,” “Why We Fight” and “Ordinary” make you believe that there is, indeed, a bright future ahead for the hard rock art form... and that these guys are going to be a primary reason why.

“We’ve all had previous experiences that have made us ready for this,” Kobie Jackson commented. “I was in Primer 55, Alex was in Darwin’s Waiting Room, Woody was in Redbelly and Ron and I have been in several projects together over the years. We’re a group of guys that know what we want to accomplish.”

While all the band's members play an important role in creating the "music-first" vibe that surrounds Alston, the group's creative hub rotates around the multi-dimensional talents of Jackson. Having already tasted the fruits of major label success as a member of the successful heavy metal unit Primer 55, Jackson knew it was time to venture out on his own after Primer 55 disbanded in 2002. Brimming with a pocket-full of songs ready to go, and an intense desire to let another side of his artistic personality come to the forefront, Jackson sensed the time was right to step forward, and let the chips fall where they may.

"It's always a risk to try something new," Jackson stated. "But I felt like it was the right time for me to do it. I had been playing bass in Primer 55, and while that was an amazing experience for me I always had the ambition to sing, play guitar, and really express myself through my own music. So once my old band split, I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. That's where this band comes in."

"This band" originally began life back in 2003 when Jackson started to hand pick the best musicians he could find. Starting out under the name of Sixtycycle, it was under that moniker that the group recorded their first EP, which proved to be an underground sensation among those who instantly related to this quartet's impassioned, introspective, but defiantly in-yer-face approach. Non-stop touring throughout the Northeast, where they shared a stage with everyone from Fuel to Dry Kill Logic, served to further define both the band's public profile and their musical perspectives. By 2004 this like-minded unit sensed it was time to take the Next Big Step.

Changing their name to Alston ("it's my mother's maiden name," explains Jackson), the band inked a deal with brand-new Repossession Records (Founded by former MCA Records A&R Guru Gary Ashley) and began work on the eleven tracks that comprise Voodoo for Fun and Profit. Once in the studio, Alston placed themselves in the trusted hands of the Scrap 60 production team of Eddie Wohl and Anthrax guitarist Rob Cagianno— a dynamic duo whose previous credits include work with everyone from Ill Nino, Anthrax, Primer 55, to Cradle of Filth. With their help the band’s songs took on even greater depth and power.

"We cover a lot of ground on this album," Jackson says. "That was one of my primary goals when writing these songs. We tracked seventeen songs and ended up using eleven of them... and there were a lot of tough choices when it came time for choosing the songs for the album. They’re all so important to me. They each show a side of my personality.”

“‘Anna’ is a song about coming through a dark period and emerging in a place that’s safe and ‘Ordinary’ was my attempt at a pure love song. To me, life is about a full gamut of emotions-- everything from joy to pain-- and music needs to reflect that. There is unquestionably a heavy, aggressive side to my personality. But this time around I think I came from a very different place. That was really satisfying for me. These songs represent my view of life, but I hope they also reflect things that everyone can relate to."

So get ready for Alston. This is one band that boldly breaks the cookie-cutter mold that seems to too often characterize the 21st Century music scene. These guys will "zig" when you expect them to "zag" and they'll gladly turn the most conventional hard rock cliche into something as exciting and unexpected as tomorrow's news. Voodoo for Fun and Profit (the title coming from an off-handed comment Jackson once heard) seems destined to make this determined hard rock foursome one of the year's break out success stories.

"The title of the album has a unique charm,” Jackson says. "That's the way I want everyone to view our songs. Being in this band, and working with these musicians has opened my eyes in so many ways. It’s renewed my faith in a lot of things, especially in the power of music."

Be on the look out for the new album, Voodoo For Fun And Profit, in stores Feb.2005 on Repossession Records.

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