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Here at Guitar World, we get an inordinate amount of prison mail. This morning's mail sack brought a particularly interesting letter from Shane E. Swanson, who is currently serving time in a Kentucky State Prison. Swanson writes that his dream of owning an official Dean Dimebag Darrell Razorback got the death sentence after he learned the prison system prohibits inmates from buying guitars worth more than $300.

So Swanson and a fellow inmate did the next best thing: they built a replica using Popsicle sticks -- 3,162, to be exact. The sticks were glued together in 19-layer stacks to form the Razorback body, while the neck, pickups and electronics were pulled off a Dean Evo XM guitar that Swanson paid $90 for via Musician's Friend.

According to Swanson, the project took three and a half weeks, and their only materials, aside from the Popsicle sticks, were toenail clippers, sandpaper and wood glue. "The guitar is fully functional in every way," he writes. "It is slightly heavy but has good sustain, and I absolutely love it." We're sure Dimebag would have, as well -- preferably on the other side of the fence.

Dean USA Razorback


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