Casey Orr of Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis originally formed in 1983 when schoolmates Harden Harrison and Casey Orr met Mike Scaccia. The three shared a love for horror/gore flicks and extremely heavy music, and that recipe helped them create a truly unique form of speed metal that had never been heard before. Within five years they had virtually created the thrash metal scene in Texas and landed a major label deal. In 1988, with Bruce Corbitt on vocals, Rigor Mortis released their self-titled debut album on Capitol Records.

The band built a reputation as the most insane band in Dallas/Ft. Worth with all-out brawls a common occurrence at their shows. They were the first metal band in Dallas to crossover into the punk scene and be accepted, but not without a fight or two! In 1989 Bruce was replaced by Doyle Bright and over the next three years they reigned supreme in Texas releasing two more records. "Freaks" was released in '89 on Metal Blade Records, and "Rigor Mortis vs. The World" was released in '91 on Triple X Records.

In 1991 Mike left Rigor Mortis to become a full time member of Ministry, who he had been moonlighting with off and on since '89, and relocated to Chicago. Mike later returned to Dallas and formed League of Blind Women, a blues based rock band, which featured Rob Buck from 10,000 Maniacs.

Casey filled in for Ministry's Paul Barker on a handful of Lollapalooza shows in 1992, and joined GWAR in 1994 with whom he recorded three albums. He also fronted the GWAR side project X-Cops and played with Dallas punk band, The Hellions. Recently, Casey has been playing bass with The Burden Brothers, an eclectic project put together by Todd Lewis (Toadies) and Taz Bentley (Rev. Horton Heat, Tenderloin, Izzy Stradlin).

Harden went on to form Pervis, a frantic punk band fronted by two female vocalists. Pervis released three records, as well as several singles. In 1999 Harden joined Speedealer, recording three albums and touring the world with the likes of Motorhead, Zeke, Fu Manchu, and Neurosis.


1994 - S.F.W. Soundtrack - GWAR - "S.F.W." (Nominated for a Grammy - Best Metal Performance 1995)
1995 - GWAR - Ragnarok
1995 - X-Cops - You Have the Right to Remain Silent
1996 - X-Cops - "Beat You Down"/"Junkie" 7"
1997 - GWAR - Carnival of Chaos
1997 - GWAR - "Penguin Attack"/"Hate Love Songs" 7"
1999 - GWAR (Casey & Mike Derks) - Lucio Fulci-A Symphony of Fear - Blackest Heart/ Graveside - "Zombie"
1999 - Short Music For Short People (compilation) - GWAR - "Fish Fuck"
2000 - The Hellions - 4 song 7" "Radio Holocaust"/"Outta Here"/"Good Too Long (live)"/"Think For Me (live)"
2001 - The Hellions - The Hellions LP
2001 - GWAR - Violence Has Arrived
2001 - Billyclub - Punk Rock Ambulance
2001 - The Hellions/Deadites - split 7" - "It's Alive"/"Give Up"
2001 - The Hellions - Switchblade Rock N Roll - "Switchblade Rock n Roll"/"Teen Rage"/"Worthless Man"/"Drive Me To Drink"
2002 - GWAR - You're All Worthless And Weak (live)
2002 - The Hellions - Death Row Romeo - "Let's Go Do Some Crimes"/"Blacked Out"/"Death Row Romeo"/"Rise Above" (Black Flag)
2003 - Burden Brothers - Queen 'O Spades EP - "Walk (Very Far) Away"

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